Latency issues

  • Just clarifying a few things, that usually (falsely) related to blocking glitches and such.

    Contrary to popular belief that lagging is generally a bad thing, high delay does sometimes create an unfair advantage.
    Sometimes its on the player’s end, sometimes the fault lies in a server’s with poor hardware generating artificially higher ping for players.

    It causes primarily two things (From my personal experience, of course. I’ve been checking the latency and its pretty consistent. Both events are connected to a player’s latency being in the hundreds and up):

    • damage is delivered earlier (often during windup phase) than attack animation plays itself

    In this case you can only avoid getting hit by anticipating the lagging player’s attack in good time and blocking before the actual animation begins. Most of the time you will still get hit.

    • the dreaded warping effect (server desyncing?)

    Sometimes the position of a lagging player is deceiving. One second he is 10 meters away, the next moment you’re hit by him. You’d think this MAA just blinked to you, but no, he is just lagging and the server corrected his position. Same thing with players supposedly coming out of nowhere.

    I don’t know if chivalry will see any netcode optimization with the upcoming patch, so my only real solution to this is to avoid contact with high ping players for the sake of your own sanity ;)

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