Funniest chivalry moments

  • Hey folks,
    This is a place for you to share your funniest moments from chivalry. I’ll start this with two.

    1. About a week after launch I was playing some LTS. I was the last man standing and managed to whittle the enemy team down to 1 as well. He and I had an absolutely epic 1 v 1, with both of use ducking, dodging, and landing hits. We were both down to almost 0 health when he stepped back to where the thought he was out of reach and taunted. He wasn’t out of reach XD The whole teamspeak server I was on burst out laughing!

    2. This happened last night, and there’s a screenshot that goes along with it. … D7E3E3E6B/
      Another LTS on the same map. This mason was the last man left vs 6 agathans. He was being chased and ran towards the cliff and then dropped off it. Two agathans jumped down after him and immediately drowned. The other 4 realised what was going on and stopped at the ledge. One by one they each jumped down to try and kill him; they managed in the end but there were only two of them left by that point.

  • i have a lot of fun when i use my taunts and sayings at a perfect time… like taunting when you and the enemy realize that this will be a 1 vs 1… Or screeching other things in different situations…

    Remembers me back of the times at Medal of Honor - Breakthrough - Multiplayer… There was a similar mechanic with shouting and taunts… I loved it and i love it again in Chivalry…

    Funny moment i had, when i was able to kill the last 5 players in a LTS with my archer. No hiding, just open field and shooting those bitches down… haha… the last 2 i smashed there heads in with my cudgel… Alot of adrenaline and of course compliments… haha Feels gooood!

    You peasants maybe recognize the Ballista at the TO map. HAha, the most funny thing was when i pushed the cart and a MaA runs towards me with his dane axe and swings his overhead and by doing that he gets hit by his teammate using the ballista… Im not sure how far, but i think the poor MaA launched 30 ft away… it was hilarious… Getting slingered away like a crashtest dummy.

    Yeah, this game is awesome… i have a lot of fun and very small things that annoy me…

    -Mr. Sharpshooter-

  • One time when I was leaving the spawn on Stoneshill I just randomly ragdolled. I have no idea what caused it and I was just floating around in the air as a ragdoll until I pressed F10. I opened up FRAPS and recorded a bit of it at the end.

    Another time was during a LTS game on Stoneshill again. There was 1 Mason left and about 6 Agathians and the Mason managed to hide in a bush crouched for about 3 minutes until the round ended in a draw.

  • My fail video managed to get on gamefails by acheivement hunter.

    Watch, like and it might get on the top 5 for the month.

  • For me probably the absolutely funniest moments occur via ranged teamkills, preferably, on the other team. Now my absolute best one went on like this. It was lts in throneroom, and I was the last man standing as a knight. There was another knight and a crossbowman running around somewhere. I engaged the knight and we began pummeling each other with our two handers. Couple of good swings later neither of us had much health anymore and suddenly I fell for his feint, which he followed up with an overhead. Knowing my doom was fast approaching I still tried to duck in a stupid hope he might miss anyway. As I laid there with my head between my knees I heard a projectile above me and the lovely sound of it hitting flesh- right in his throat. Turns out the archer was standing behind me just waiting for the perfect shot at my back and he got one, only the sudden duck caused him to shoot his friend right in the face. The knight died and cursed and they booted the archer shortly after I took his head off. I was laughing so hard I woke people up in the next room.

  • Trebuchet map, one of our archers standing next to the gorge by the bridge. I kicked him off and he fell to his death I laughed when I realized it came up as a suicide, he will never know who hit him.

    Evil I know.

  • @gregcau:

    Trebuchet map, one of our archers standing next to the gorge by the bridge. I kicked him off and he fell to his death I laughed when I realized it came up as a suicide, he will never know who hit him.

    Evil I know.


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