Me and my friends have some questions

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    In the videos, when people are killed their shield and weapons disappear, just like the old mod Age of Chivalry, is that going to be fixed?

    The other thing is, when the guy shot in the videos, the camera followed the projectile. Is there an option to turn that off?

  • I can only assume the weapons/shields disappearing will be fixed because it is obvious quite ugly.

    You can see in the video that projectile following doesn’t even require an option to turn it off - you decide on the fly whether or not you want to follow your projectiles as Tibbs fires several arrows in follow mode and then fires several more without following immediately afterwards, without changing any settings.

  • Developer

    Weapons and shields are dropped or thrown through the air when an enemy dies. If that wasn’t happening during that video it is a bug we have already fixed.

  • Good. In the 1v1 dueling video the shield immediately disappeared when someone died I believe. I can’t wait for the beta to start :D

  • I have a couple of questions which I guess I will add here.

    From watching the videos, when people die, are decapitated or just get hit etc. There seems to be no blood splatters or pools of blood on the ground. Is this intended? I hope its just a feature that hasn’t been added yet because it would really kill the immersion for me.

    Also, I haven’t seen arrows embedded in shields or stuck in bodies.

    Finally, will this game be updated with new content/features for free with possible paid expansions, or will be be just paid DLC?

  • I have seen both blood spatters landing and staining the ground and arrows sticking in bodies in game play videos.

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