Crosshair Settings

  • Add options to the menu to change your crosshair settings.

    1. Add ability to change the color.
    2. Add ability to change size.
    3. Add ability to change the shape of the crosshair with different shape presets.

    The reason I ask for this is because you can lose the white crosshair when looking in the sky to block overheads since its just a small white dot. Also the archer crosshair when firing up towards archers on the castles. I usually use a lime green in most my other games and I’m just used to that so it would be nice to have that option. Not the most important thing to add but it shouldn’t be that hard to do since all other games on the unreal engine have this option.

  • Cool story bro! 8-)

  • Who uses the crosshairs in melee?

    And when using ranged weapons the crosshairs is a little dot once again. But this time with two lines on either side that tell you how much inaccuracy you have. Though it doesn’t work a the moment and whatever you throw alsways goes at the dot.

  • I want another option to be added that fits to this topic, which involves turning off the crosshair for pure melee weapons (i.e. javelins should remain the crosshair). I never use it, it is disturbing and I love the almost clean HUD without it very much. I don’t want to press each match <u>before moving off.

    And on that occasion add also a second option for the hardcore guys to switch it entirely off.

    So add those both options to the View Settings. For that, you could insert another slider component above or below FOV, calling it “Crosshair visibility” and add there 3 values:
    0 =<on>
    1 =<smart crosshair="">
    2 =</smart></on></u>

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