Knighthood ~ King of the Fists Europe ~ Up date

  • Like a fist fight? Here is a chance to demonstrate your pugilistic talents…

    Knighthood Inaugural King of the Fists Europe ~ Thursday the 24th of January GMT 8.00pm

    Location ~~~ Multiplay :: Knighthood KFE Open ~~~ aocffa-moor
    (don’t believe PLAYERS on the server list, you might get in even if it says full) It’s a UK based server, please check that your PING is sensible.

    The server will alternate between King of the Hill (competition) and FFA (warm up)

    It’s a series of Knockout Competitions; the event is scheduled to last at least 3 hours but realistically it will continue as long as the referees, cameraman and commentators can keep going.

    Just 5 little rules to stop the sweet science turning into mayhem:-

    Tourney Rules

    1. No Bearing of Arms
    2. No shields
    3. Promptly Enter the Ring when Your Tag appears in the Chat Box
    4. Winners Promptly Leave the Ring
    5. Rounds Decided by a Death or Shove-out

    Overall Winner; KFE Champion, Decided by Overall Performance in Bouts Entered

    Referees Decisions are Final, If a Referee enters the ring the round is over and the result will be announced in the Chat box.

    Should be a laugh; good luck. …

  • Mines a two hander. 8-)

  • On a side note; It’ll all be streamed on: :D

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