Will this game be Banned in australia?

  • First i will start off by saying how SIMPLY AWESOME this game looks and to me, this is going to be one of the best games of all time and turn into a awesome classic, BUT the only thing i fear is this game is going to be banned in my country australia, i know we are getting the R+ rating WOOO HOO, BUT it is coming into action on the 1st of Jan, and this game comes out before that, and im just wondering on everyone’s opinion on this, do we think it will be banned? for the simple reason you can kill innocent people and cut peoples heads off.

  • Who cares if it’s banned? You can buy it digitally anyway.

  • I have no idea about Australia’s laws regarding videogame violence other than I’ve heard they’re becoming even more archaic than Germany’s, but it seems to me if the law comes into effect after the game’s release and you purchase the game before then, they can’t simply say “No, you can’t play this game you already own”, can they? (Maybe they can, America has some pretty stupid laws too). The main problem would probably be the fact that the game is distributed digitally, so they could perhaps put a ban on the content providers themselves rather than the sale of the game in general, which would mean even if you own the game you couldn’t play it because the content providers wouldn’t be allowed to give you access.

    All I can say for sure is I feel for you :(

  • Developer

    We are submitting to the Australian rating board soon, will let you guys know what they say.

  • Ok cool, i am holding my breath :)

  • Pretend you’re from another country and buy it anyway lol.

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