Jousting or mounted combat

  • I know mounted combat may be a bit hard to implement at launch, However It may be possible as a mod
    and mounted combat might be quite fun and hard at the same time to. First of all you have to control your warrior and your horse then you have to take into consideration the speed and other aspects to.
    I for one thing they should absolutely make plans to implement it, what do you guys think?

  • It definitely will not be included in the base game, but I know the developers have expressed a lot of interest in it at some point down the line. If not in a DLC for Chivalry, then in a future game at least.

  • If Chivalry catches some attention on release, then when the SDK is released I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see a Mounted Combat mod.

  • the devs have said they want to add mounted combat, but they can’t add it on release because of the time frame

  • This feature is perfect for this game! but i agree that it will be better to implement it later on officially.

  • I personally don’t like the idea. the game is obviously focused on face-to-face combat, i’m thinking that it’s too late to add horses when the combat has been designed for ground battles (feel free to correct me). IMO it’s too late and unfit for this game, maybe in the next title.

  • Tibberius has stated mounted combat won’t be coming to Chivalry in the foreseeable future and would only be an option for a future title.

  • I dont think mounted combat should get into the game, because of gameplay reasons. The maps are for example to small vor real cavalary battle and the mainpoint of the game lays on the siegebattles.
    I think there where more reasons why mounted combat is not good for chivalry.

  • It obviously would be a huge amount of work to add it to the game. I do like to hear the thought is out there on the dev team.

    One thought I had about this is perhaps to look at this as a form of the “duel” type modes you may offer? A jousting match with a crowd could be pretty crazy.

    It would also allow you to do a full knight-style tournament from archery, swords, to joust.

    I am only highlighting this if you could create/add this in a smaller form and obviously less time. You could then use this lesser form to generate ideas/test things for the full fledged idea later on.

    I am thinking something like… you possibly dont even control the horse, you just basically joust/fight whipping past each other at high speeds. If you added some good crowd noise (bunch of NPCS/peasants sitting in the stands) and maybe added a fake king/queen lineup… you could make the mini-mode very cool with just a lot of flavor adders. (noise/visuals/things you cant control)

    Then for the actual fighting, you can use almost the base mechanics with a larger version of the spear.

    Just a random idea/thought of a way to try to bring mounted combat slowly into the game.

  • I know mounted combat wont fit with current maps we have, but for future maybe as DLC or next game I had some thoughts:

    -Horses can be control like M&B but cant go with highest speed until you press shift, and when you do stamina for horses will drain and to make turning extremely slow and difficult.
    -When you come close to a wall or barrier on full speed or the second speed the horse will stop and rare.
    -Add a lean feature for the raider, lean left or right (and it will drain stamina) so the raider will have easier way to reach enemy infantry.
    -When you swing overhead or stab you may damage your horse so you have to turn left or right with your mouse in order not to hit your horse.
    -Jousting can be added and should drain stamina quickly and make it breakable like in WOTR.
    -You can joust only when you are in full speed.
    -when raider fall from horse he should get health hit, depends on the speed of the fall.
    -Horse can only bump into infantry at higher speed only.
    -Make cavalry as separate class with medium armor like the vanguard, javelin can be added though.
    -Overall control of horse should be more difficult than M&B.

    Just my thoughts now on how the cavalry can work in CMW, it can be fun and can be only selected on certain maps that are designed for.
    I hope other people can add many ideas here I am sure developers will take some as reference for the future development.

  • Don’t make cavalry a sperate class that’s all I ask.

    Make horses available to everyone via stables on specific maps where there is a great amount of space.

    Then every class would have a “cavalry ability”.
    Like the men at arms being able to go faster on his horse (even if there is no particular reason it would be this way IRL) and turn more easily, the vanguard being able to “joust-charge” with his polearms/longswords, the archer…well…using ranged weaponry on horseback, and the knight being able to trumple ennemies by running on them.
    This is just an example of course.

    That way no class useless on any map but the horse maps where he is the only one played needs be implemented, and it would make most people happy by enabling them to use any weapon on horseback (some with more efficacity than others), and keeping the class system simple.

    On top of that, it would keep “horsemen are OP/UP” topics off this forum, as horses are like vehicles in other games : meant to make you more powerful, but only in specific areas (you can’t mount a horse climbing a ladder or entering a castle)


    It would LITTERALLY RUINS the gameplay of chivalry. And we all (Chivalry fans) know that.
    Chivalry is NOT Mount and Blade …. And i much enjoy the gameplay of Chivalry without any horses.

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