Attack glitches and balance

  • I think we’ve reached the point where “Attack Animations” deserve their own thread, so I’ll try not to comment on that. Instead I want to address two issues.

    I have, at points, been completely unable to attack for about 30 seconds. I’ve run around the map, run away from combat. Haven’t been hit for a solid half a minute… and I can’t attack. I’ve also noticed some times the menu won’t come up when I hit escape. But the game isn’t locked. It still plays fine, and it’s not a connection termination. It will either clear up, I’ll die, or I’ll simply alt + F4 out of the game.

    I can understand stagger, and understand staggering without the animation playing. But this is me running around, with a weapon out, yet defenseless… and I don’t get it.

    The other issue is swing manipulation. Look, I love doing 360 degree STABS as much as the next guy. But some of this is ridiculous… said stabs being a fine example. Obviously, the other problem is the “Look down, swing axe” auto hit. Which I’ve tried out… and is disgustingly easy. Honestly, even with low latency, with a variety of attacks, sometimes I just see people… pop. Well before any attack should have done so, if one happens at all. This is the biggest problem at the moment, and honestly a massive issue, given it effects the very core of what the game is.

  • While I can appreciate the ablility to turn into a swing, it can pose problems with the animation for the person being attacked. I have definately been hit by people who appear to still be in windup, its even worse when you appempt to counter and just get stunned.

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