Everyone but people on my friendslist are invisible.

  • I’ve had this for quite a while now but it’s getting more frequent. I’d say it affects about a quarter of my “lives” in this game.

    When I spawn I can’t see ANYONE at all except for people who are on my friendslist, I’ll see them as normal plus with their name over them. I’ll run around and suddenly take damage and I won’t be able to see who’s attacking me or from where until I die. Then everyone around me suddenly appear when I die.
    I’m getting this on all servers too, and as I said, it’s getting more frequent.

  • I’ve reinstalled the game and verified the files and it’s not helping.

    Just had a game where people were starting to vanish while I was fighting them and just all around me. Stood over the closest cave with the royal family on Darkforest and just saw people vanish, they didn’t reappear until I died.

    Next match I was in the one were you kill the peasants. A knight on the catapult, was fighting him and suddenly he vanished, then I got hit twice and died only to have him reappear again.

    It’s really starting to get frustrating.

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