I need people to play with

  • I’ve been playing Chivalry for about a week now, and I pretty much got the hang of every class. I’ve been playing duel servers a whole lot so that I can practice my skills with melee combat. Then when I go to play Team Objective, I just feel like its worthless without people to talk to. If you’re interested in playing Team Objective or having some fun on duel servers or what ever else there is, add me via any of these.


    Also, I play at a community called TacticalGamer, which plays tons of games. They have they’re own Teamspeak, so if you want to talk on Teamspeak, message me on skype, steam or on this website if possible, and I will give you the Teamspeak IP.


  • Hi Puerto,

    Might I suggest joining a clan? There are plenty recruiting over in the Clan Hub! viewforum.php?f=50

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