What do Men-At-Arms do in big battles? Need help advising.

  • So I recently got my friend into Chivalry, and he loves Men At Arms. I’m a pretty solid player, but I exclusively run knight, so I’m having some troubles.

    See, when the big melees between 4-5 people on each team go down, he’s not really sure what to do. When I see one, I can join in, using my shield and armor to block/shrug off the inevitable friendly fire and come out getting a couple kills.

    Obviously, as a Man-At-Arms, he can’t really do that. He’s tried staying on the edges, fighting wandering people, suppressing reinforcements, etc, but in some matchups, like on the Arena map or in some LTS fights, he doesn’t really have many options.

    So to those of you who play Man at Arms, how do you survive big fights, and, more importantly, how do you get kills from them in kill-based games like LTS?

    As a knight I can’t really relate to his problem, and so we’re kind of stuck figuring it out.

  • Man at arms are good at well… Not taking hits.

    In LTS, staying off the frontlines, and killing stragglers who try to attack your archers serves to be your best role.

    There you get the most space to maneuver, and thus… Maul your opponents silly.

  • @WalrusJones:

    Man at arms are good at well… Not taking hits.

    In LTS, staying off the frontlines, and killing stragglers who try to attack your archers serves to be your best role.

    There you get the most space to maneuver, and thus… Maul your opponents silly.

    Okay but the games we were in, this wasn’t an option. There weren’t really any archers. It was just a huge mess of Vanguards and Knights in 8-10 person melees.

    What does he do in these situations?

    He knows to stay out of big battles when he can. The question is what does he do when there’s nothing BUT frontlines?

  • Man at arms is a smart guy class: I can’t really tell you.

    Frontlines are something clearly not for smart people.

  • Poke at enemies, particularly vanguards and knights with twohanders, and draw them back away from their team, make them fight you alone where you can outplay them more easily. If you get more than one guy on you, use your superior mobility to keep one enemy between you and the other(s) as you back off; you’ve essentially put the enemy team down a player (or several) as long as they stay on you, so just stay alive and get in a hit when you can. A lot of players tend to tunnelvision on men-at-arms, use that to your advantage.

  • Find a group of enemies. Stare directly at them and hit the Control key rapidly. It is recommended to also push X twice, then 3. At around this point you will notice them approaching you menacingly. Do not be alarmed. Find a gap in their approach and run or dodge straight into the gap. You should zip by them avoiding their swings, and maybe even causing them to hit each other. At this point you want to hold SHIFT and keep running straight to their spawn. They will begin chasing you. Now you absolutely have to push X X 3 and DO NOT STOP DOING IT.

    Soon you will see an Archer. Kill the Archer. Then turn to face the angry mob chasing you and hit Control a few times again. Once again, dodge INTO them and zip by them and continue to sprint towards their spawn. HOWEVER, this time you will sprint a little differently. Push 4 and switch to your fists. Point your cursor at the sky. Maintain this position while sprinting and instead of X X 3, you will be just pushing X 3 instead. As your camera is pointed at the sky, it will be hard to tell where you’re going, but use trees and other landmarks as guides.

    Eventually they will CATCH YOU and you will DIE. But it’s okay because you killed the Archer.

    Or I guess you can bait people into duel situations and avoid large clusters but that’s boring.

  • Sorry, but why wouldn’t you get into the thick of things and want to stay back from the fighting?

    You’re an offensive class like any other really. So there’s a bunch of Knights and Vanguards swinging away at each other…… big deal.

    I go after those clowns as an Javelin Archer and drop them more often than not… even with a dagger.

    The trick is using your speed against them. Sure they’re big and mean looking, sure they have some powerful and long weapons. Don’t run in with one of those fire pots at the cost of a shield… you don’t have the armour they do, so get a shield to even the odds.

    Fire pots are for defensive players who want to stay back from the fighting… Shields are for diving right into the battle.

    To me, the only difference between a Knight with a Mace & Shield and a Man at Arms with a Mace and Shield is that the MAA is faster and the Knight can take more hits… that’s it… so overall, you’re both kind of equal in most aspects, so why would you hesitate when it comes to taking one on?

    It’s all about your perspective… OOOoooOOOooooo… and Vanguard is coming straight at me with one of those big Claymores… Big whoop… he doesn’t have a shield, he’s slower than you and can’t take as many hits as a Knight… get him!

    Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Wasp…

  • Praxius, the problem isn’t that he’s afraid of big battles. The problem is that every time he gets close to them, a vanguard on his own team lops his head off because he’s flailing LMB like a moron.

  • You win small map FFAs by stealing an absurd amount of kills. There will be small battles erupting in pockets around the map, 1-shot the bloodiest guy you see. When people notice you, run across the map and repeat on another group. Since there are no chase mechanics in FFA, no one will bother to take the time to chase you.

    LTS games are considerably more difficult. MAA is a maneuvering class, but every second you spend flanking around the map, your team is outnumbered and dying in the main battle. You can be doing brilliant things behind enemy lines, but it won’t matter if your front line is already shattered. If there is even a tiny opening in the enemy lines that you can slip through, take your chance and get that archer/vanguard kill ASAP, even if you have to dance between halberds to do it.

    Broadsword tip: a thrust-kick-overhead combo will kill a vanguard in less than 5 seconds, relatively easy to do with a broadsword. Vanguards are more fragile than they appear.

  • just play knight lol theres litte to no reason to play maa right now when even the TO pubbies already discovored idle flinch

  • My advice, don’t get near your team mates, lol.

    Anytime I am close to one of my teammates I end up getting team attacked and can get oneshotted by the next enemy attack. I feel much more comfortable fighting 1v4 than fighting 2v4 with a random guy.

    Other than that get used to weapon ranges and utulize dodge properly and you will find yourself ontop of the scoreboard, MaA can be really hard to stop.
    You can check my youtube channel for some tips on MaA, I have plenty of gameplay there and some tutorials that might help.

    The only thing that can get really annoying as a MaA is dem halberd nubs spamming stab and archer spam.

    Best Regards,

  • To put it simply, be the finisher. Don’t group up near your team mates who are using 2 handers. Dodge in when you see an opening, capitalize, and dodge out if necessary. You play mostly an assist role, a flanker, or just generally someone who takes the enemies eyes off their opponent so that your team mate can get hits in. It all depends on your play style, but if you are going to choose man at arms…utilize that mobility with intellect and be VERY aware of your surroundings.

  • @Rampage:

    Praxius, the problem isn’t that he’s afraid of big battles. The problem is that every time he gets close to them, a vanguard on his own team lops his head off because he’s flailing LMB like a moron.

    Well my rule of thumb for any class is: If a team mate is already engaged in a battle with another player…. don’t jump in.

    Too many times I was engaged with an enemy and I almost had them when suddenly some Vanguard comes in with a sweeping attack and chops me down… then kills the guy I almost killed.

    Just last night I got TK’d by the same idiot three times in a row because of this.

    “Sorry bout that… But so worth it”

    Yeah suck a chunk out of my ass :x

    The first time I could forgive, but the second and then a third time was just a screw job.

    On the third one he claimed I jumped out in front of him, each time… sorry, I was fighting this clown first and I was a bit too busy to know you were coming up from behind to shove a pole up my arse.

    Unless you can come up from behind the enemy your team mate is attacking (sandwich the enemy / your team mate can see where you are) don’t jump in…. look for another target or wait until your team mate or the enemy drops.

    If you come running up from behind your team mate to take a swipe at the enemy, they can’t see you and you stand a good chance at not only hitting your team mate, but him hitting you because he didn’t know you were there.

  • Never. Get. In. The. Middle. That’s it, really. Since you have so little health you need to move to live. Being surrounded cuts down on that considerably. So, stay mobile and pick one target, hopefully someone low on health, hit them then start to move away. Stepping into the meat grinder is the worst decision you can make, so just keep at it, slowly distracting them and dancing around the outside edge of the ball. Be sure to take care of swings from Helicopters as they can hit you without looking at you, which is quite vexing as an MAA, but you learn to deal.

    Remember, don’t rush in and always have empty space to your back. In this fashion you can take out many over eager Vanguards or Knights.

  • Throw an Oil Pot into the center of the mass and kill anyone who leaves the mass. Once everyone is done cooking, kill whoever remains standing.

  • Your the one v one champ anyone stupid enough to chase you instead of the objective will die. Your also the skirmisher, whenever they group up to push an objective you whittle them down so that none of them reach your team with full hp. You can also take out archers so your team have free reign.

    That is if your playing team objective. If you playing 5v5 lts pfft …

  • Kill bloodied enemies.
    Run down Archers.
    Bait people away from friendly Archers.
    Intercept other MAA’s if necessary.

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