Collector's Edition

  • I was eyeballing the pledge rewards on kickstarter and I see that for $65 (+$10 shipping) you get what’s labeled a “collector’s edition” that includes a physical copy of the game

    Is this retail copy a standard DVD case or is it a traditional fancy PC game box like you would normally get with a collector’s edition? If it’s the latter, is there any preview out there of what it looks like and what’s in it?

  • hi all

    i am interested in this as well but there is no details on what is IN the Collectors Edition. Can the devs clarify what is in the Collectors Edition please

  • Developer

    This is still something we are working on with our retail partners, will try to get info for you guys before the pledges close.

  • I appreciate the response. I’m on the FENCE though because the collector’s edition will make or break my pledge. If there’s a nice physical box, I’d happily chip in the $75. If it’s just for a standard DVD case, I’ll have to go with the $25 digital copy

    The Witcher 2 really set the bar high on what to expect from a physical copy. That’s actually the standard physical copy for the game and I got it for $32. Not trying to put pressure on you or saying it has to be as good as The Witcher 2’s, but $75 for a simple DVD case doesn’t feel like a collector’s edition

    Either way though, this game is looking really awesome. War of the Roses is looking disappointing as it draws closer to release, but Chivalry looks better with each new video I watch :swords:

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