Can't connect to any servers.

  • Once again the connection does not work how it should be.
    This time I can’t connect to any servers.
    It says “Please wait while the game loads” so I waited and then I says my connection got lost.

    Here are DxDiag, Log and a screenshot.

  • Yeah I’m also getting the eternal “Please wait while the game loads” screen loads at the moment.

  • Computer restart seemed to resolve it.

  • It worked, but only after the 5th restart

  • I really don’t understand why the previous thread on the subject of No Servers was locked when the problem isn’t fixed…
    I, too haven’t been able to play for several days now after my server list suddenly disappearing. I played several times on Tuesday, Wednesday my client is broken. Both of the “Patches” do not work, restarting steam and CMW does not work, restarting my computer does not work and opting into the beta does not work.

    Why has no one solved this issue in months? I paid my hard earned for this game…

  • would love if the devs got off their asses and addressed this.

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