Grabbing Mechanic

  • General Grab:

    I like the idea of grabbing an opponent. Pushing or swinging at the opponent attempting a grab should break the grab. If you are behind an opponent and attempt a grab they should not be able to keep you from grabbing them. During a rear grab, the attacker should have the option to kill the opponent by pulling the head back and slicing the throat (blood gushing out) with a one handed blade weapon. A successful front or rear grab could be used to let your teammate kill an opponent with a sword thrust, arrow etc.

    A sprint and tackle grab would be an awesome way to switch from stand up fighting to a ground and pound fight mechanic. Player on top (tackler) with one handed blade or mace could attempt to the stab/bash the tackled opponent. Another advantage for the tackler could be the ability to hold down one of the opponents arms if they can time the grab correctly. The tackler should have the disadvantage of being exposed to rear and side attacks such as rear grab throat cuts, swings to the side of the head/neck, and downward two handed sword stabs. Downward two hang swords stabs by the tackled player teammates would expose the torso of the tackler and allow for tackler to be stabbed multiple times by the opponent he tackled.

    The tackled player could attempt to parry attacks using the forearm armor (such as a gauntlet) on one hand and counter attack using a one handed weapon. Parrying with the unarmed arm could be done using “w, a, s, d”. Parrying with one free hand that is also armed could be done with the same keys if the unarmed hand is held down. There should be a reduced ability of the tackled player to counter attack (he should be more worried about parrying with the one free hand to avoid being killed). Counter attacks should be more difficult to do than attacks from the tackler but parries by the tackled should be easier.

    If an arm is hit above the elbow not protected by armor that arm should no long be able to weld a weapon or hold a shield. Possibly add the ability to lose a hand or mangle a hand but continue to fight at a disadvantage.

  • These sound like mechanics that would give way too much an advantage to the attacker and leave the defender with very few options to prevent the attack from being initiated. Seems like all combat would devolve into a gropefest rather than a sword fight ;)

  • Regardless of whether your suggestions are good ideas or not, I believe such vast changes to the combat system are incredibly unlikely to happen this late in development. In fact, I’m pretty sure the combat system design is set in stone by this point. Perhaps the developers are still taking feedback from testers for balancing tweaks and maybe they’re still adding new weapons and items, but I wouldn’t expect them to make any major combat mechanic overhauls this close to launch ;)

    I could be wrong, of course, I’m not a developer.

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