Win free Dota2 copies!

  • Let’s cut the crap and get right to it. My friend and I need some actors for an in-game intro for a chivalry series on youtube, since my first post about this didn’t get much response from the crowd we’re trying it this way. Now on to the prize and how to win it.

    It’s very simple; sign up to act in our in-game intro (it’s a very easy role but we need quite a few actors to make it look good), play the part in the intro and at the end of the recording we’ll randomly pick 2 names and award them with free Dota2 copies.

    To sum things up, we need you to participate in the making of our intro, it won’t take long and it isn’t hard at all, no experience is required. If you participate you have a chance to win a free Dota2 copy (Priced 27.99 euros atm on steam)

    If you want to sign up just say it in the comments here or pm me here or on steam (Steam ID = KingOfPolarBears)


    The PolarBearFederation

    PS: If you are interested but don’t want to sign up untill you know some details, just send me a message here or on steam, I will answer them ASAP)

  • I have eight copies ill gladly donate to help you out with your hiring polar. Hit me up on steam if you run out of your own ^^

  • Thanks man, if this doesn’t get any attention at all i will probably hold you to that :P Would be even more in your debt if you could persuade some people :) Current people helping out on the vid excluding the PolarBearFederation: 8 (we’re aiming for 10-15 at least )

  • Some details would be helpful to people so they know if they can help.

    A rough date/time , estimation of time involved, and what have you. I’m interested but without that kind of information it would be hard to say, “I’ll be there.”

  • When people sign up i send them a message asking all sorts of general question so i can pinpoint the date (with all the different timezones and so on). But we’re aiming for this weekend, if you want i can send you the message I’ve sent to the other guys :) If you have some questions you want answered just ask them, i’ll be more than glad to answer and clarify things ;)

  • Yes please do, I’d like to show up sounds fun as long as it fits in with my time off. And my first post was more of a general observation more than anything.

    Lord of Decay is my steam but it’ll probably be easier for you to give me yours there are several LoD.

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