Questions about the game on Steam!

  • Hey there !

    I was wondering if there will be any chance to preorder the game on Steam? I would love to give you my money, Im really looking forward to this… But Im not so sure if I wanna use Kickstarter to give you my money. I would much more like to use Steam and that brings me to my next question.

    Will the game be available to Steam on release?

    Well that is all for me, I wish you good luck in making the game and I hope to play with you ! =)

  • The digital preorder on Kickstarter is for Steam as far as I’m aware - after the funding goal is reached and the 30 days is over they’ll send you an email. I don’t know how they’ll do it specifically of course, but they could either get your Steam ID and send you a copy of the game, or just send you a product key that you can redeem.

    I’m not aware of any digital distribution method they’re planning on using other than Steam, but you’ll definitely have the option of just buying it through Steam when it’s released, since that will be if not their sole platform of distribution, at least the primary one.

  • if you give them money through kickstarter, once the time is up, they’ll contact you through kickstarter and send you a steam key.

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