Server Query Protocol

  • What server query protocol does Chivalry use?

    Also, does the game use your Steam name or can players choose a different name within the game ?

  • I would like to know this as well, if the devs could please reply, I could maybe try to work on getting HLSW to work with Chiv, and make the server owners reaaaally happy.

  • ingame name is picked up from steam

    protocol seems to be similar to HL2 (protocol,challenge, players max,bots, gamedir,map,password,os,lan region,type,secure,version,product) although different order. However since there’s already a parser out there for B3 (kimiko linked to it in a post) it’s probably worth rehashing that.

    Am still debating whether to try and port to Procon… it’d be a lot of effort and if the server instability issues caused by B3 rcon are game server related then it would fare no better than B3. Also kinda hoping someone does it first… if no-one gets around to I’ll give it a go

    Edit: in fact have a looksy here: … n+Protocol

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