Hit detection occasionally stops working

  • Here’s a video:

    This happens every once in a while on duel servers. I only play MMA with broadsword, so I can’t say if it affects other weapons. Now that I thought of trying the dagger I already logged out of the server :(
    Pings are all under 100. Hit detection worked for the first couple of minutes on that map and then stopped working.

    This happens every once in a while, so chances are I’ll be able to reproduce it if you need further info.

  • That’s interesting, I’ve never experienced it personally. I am also confused as to why your health and stamina bar was locked to 0, then updated once you took damage. I’ve never had that happen to me either.

    Would you be willing to record a game and post the result of what happens to the point where things bug out for you?

  • Unfortunately my computer is barely powerful enough to run chivalry - I have everything on low and I can’t play on servers with more than 16 players without significant frame drops. Continuously ecording on the side is not an option. The best I can do is to record once it starts happening again, and see if it affects other classes as well.

  • I have been seeing issues with hit detection lately as well, but I have seen it go both ways.

    I have seen the tip of my polearm pass straight through people, doing no damage, very frustating when one is trying to poke a charging enemy.

    I have also while in 3rd person view gotten hit by a sword swings that should have missed, you can see the arc of the blade and at the apex it makes contact even though there is clearly space between the blade and me.

    The final one could have been a server lag, or th other players lag, but I have also tried to attack ranged (javelins in particular from their shield side) only to have their ranged attack hit me without the character turning to face me.

  • and once more:

    worked again on the next map, but then another guy had the same problem:


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