Ongoing online campaign like wwiionline

  • Start with a Map divided evenly into three distinct powers. Say England France and HRE. Then break those territories down into 5 or 10 provinces. each province has one single capture point/battlefield. Like a castle or village, or silver mine etc.

    Each province will have a strategic resource that will affect what the guilds can field. Say Rouen has a castle and a iron mine that allows for the unlimited production of armor for knights. But then there is Crecy with only a town and a blacksmith. They can only produce a limited number of knights but unlimited Man at arms. And lastly there is Le Crece which is just a large village but controls a large food supply and a bridge. The can only produce a few knights and Men at Arms but can produce unlimited archers.

    Now we have each guild choose a side to swear fealty to. Then let the players choose their strategy.

    Will we set out to capture their mines to limit arms production or fields to starve them.

    You get the idea. Anyway so the map will change as the battles are fought(these can be scheduled ahead of time), Say we team with another allied guild and go after Le haye which has only a large village. We know they will have tons or archers so we equip or troops with tower shield and attack from nearby Pointiers which has a iron mine.

    Attackers avail troop pool
    knights - unlimited
    Men At Arms - 40
    Archers - 25

    Defenders avail troop pool
    knights - 15
    Men At Arms - 30
    Archers - unlimited

    So the battle is raging and the defenders are in a tough spot. The don’t have enough knights to counter these tanks with tower shields. No problem we send a relief column over land from Chavigy with Knights and Men At Arms. unfortunately they wont arrive until X time has passed. These men don’t actually arrive but when the timer ends their force numbers are added to the force pool. Or it could be really cool and be like WWIIOL and make players actually spawn in Chavigy form up and march, ride, or pack into wagons, and trek all the way there. So say the timer is 20 min then thats how long they march.

    More often than not this wont be necessary

    Obviously this is for later development once the Meat is on the plate.

  • Not a bad idea actually, I like this persisten, dynamic online campaign form but I doubt they’ll add it now when they’re this far into the development phase. Could be a nice DLC idea.

  • That sounds way too complex for DLC. Sounds like an entirely different game.

  • this type of persistent play was suggested very early in development by myself and a friend, unfortunately the devs didn’t want to make their game feel too much like an MMO and have chosen to keep it as a vanilla FPS.

  • It would be a solid mod idea or even a system setup by a few clans as a means to do a tournament. (Hint hint other clan leaders)

  • The guys from WWIIOL Cornered Rat Software are really cool and laid back. I would not be shocked if they helped with coding or more!

  • @SlyGoat:

    That sounds way too complex for DLC. Sounds like an entirely different game.

    Depends on how they want to introduce this into the game.
    It can be built on the foundations of this game. It doesn’t have to that complex so that they have to make an entirely different game…They might aswell make this server browser based, kinda similar to Travian but where actual players would participate in the fights. I think the two or more game modes can happily co-exsist.

  • No need to remake the game, like you said they can just organize the different battle maps for certain objectives and show a flash image of the map as it stands and then show where the next battle is and what time is scheduled for. No need to get too fancy right away. This will give the game a sense of drive and whatnot that repetitive battles don’t. Like someone said earlier we could do it ourselves between all the guilds agree on rules etc and have a web guy do the map for us

  • It would be set up like a DND game essentially.

  • I think a game mode like conquest in Dark messiah might and magic would be fun. I really enjoyed the conquest game play in that where you beat the enemy team back to there homeland or home map or what ever.

  • It’s a shame about all the bloody fireballs. At the very least Dark Messiah is evidence that campaign maps work well with FPSlashers. The few campaign maps in Age of Chivalry were always clan favourites for me too, even without the option to push your opponent back to their base.

  • Few? Weren’t most of the maps campaign maps?

  • Well I guess they were all objective maps, rather than the campaign maps defined in this thread. With both sides starting in the middle and pushing towards the enemy base.

  • Oh, a conquest style map you mean? I think Westerlyn was the only map that had that in AoC, but it was sortof poorly made because of all the strangling chokepoints that forced clusterfuck fights and very long pushes between points, because it was the only way to solve the issue of a single player rushing the captures. I think conquest maps would be very cool to see in Chivalry now that the dev team has better tools to work with and more time to get stuff done.

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