No severs

  • This issue is beyond annoying . Every time I think ‘’ Hey lets hope on Chivalry ‘’ something has to fucking screw up with this game . If its no servers in browser , game will crash instant when loading .
    I’ve done every possible solution in the Internetz and still these issues persist . I bet the developers know and have the fix but they go with this retarded 1 month or so update . Please dont turn like the most retarded sell out company DICE , 1 update on 3 months …

    And YES my PC is powerful enough to run it maxed out

    And YES my Internet Connection is extremely powerful .

    If I manage somehow to play this game its a fucking mirracle . Sorry for my language but this is too annoying and frustrating to deal with .

  • I hear you. Same story here

  • Next patch withen 5 days. Just a little longer.

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