"Create Server" option in the menu

  • Self-quote:

    Yeah as he said, a menu option would be great. You know, you get in the game, below “Join Server” there is a new option called “Create Server” when you press this is automatically minimizes the game and opens the dedicated server tool of Chivalry. Plus, the dedicated server tool just comes with a GUI that you can use to easily select the basic settings of your server (name, password, amount of players, VAC or not, and nothing more), and would make everyone happy. Obviously advanced things like, lower gravity, would have to be coded by the server admin and such, so that doesn’t have to be in the GUI, but with the basic 4 things I mentioned it’s already enough for us “common” folks that want to simply have a private server without worrying much.

  • I like the idea, but it’d put an impossible strain on 1) your computer if there are a lot of people, and 2), the hosting software developers to weed out everything and try and develop it in the first place.

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