Shutting Down Server Until Support is Given

  • I truly enjoy Chivalry and hope to see it succeed; however, my patience for a lack of server operator support is at its end. I am tired of having to restart my server whenever I want to play on it because it is full. I am tired of having little in the way of power over the function of the modes my server runs. I just feel like I am subsidizing the developers of Chivalry by having my server up to make up for the dearth of servers out there. I don’t really get to enjoy much of any benefit from running it. For these reasons, I am just going to shut my server down until more support is given to server operators. In the grand scheme of things, it is just a blip, but hopefully something will be done as more server operators give up on it.

  • It’s fine if you want to shut it down for now. I definitely understand your frustrations.

    There are things in the works to make the admin server support MUCH better. It probably won’t be done in time for this content update patch, but will definitely be done soon.


  • I hope so. Chivalry is a very good game, but its execution of MP is lacking in some regards.

  • I’ll also shut down 6 of my servers while 3 will be running, but they are so unstable…In fact the only one server that i’ve never had to restart daily is the one with LTS maps only. Maybe it was simple luck.

    Also waiting for linux dedicated, better operators support, stats, etc.

  • @BoogtehWoog:

    Seems a little counter-productive in my opinion. Can’t join your server sometimes? Now you can’t join it ever. Kind of an all-or-nothing mentality it would seem.

    I agree that the admin console needs some improvement and that more options would be nice, but you can change maps, change gametypes, kick, ban, etc already. Isn’t that truly what’s needed? Hell, if you go into the config file, you can even set up a server for specific gametypes and maps only and whatnot.

    Basic tools are there to run a server - anything more either suits convenience or a power trip.

  • I’ll keep mine up but you guys gotta deal with the lag. I’m not 110% certain why it’s happening but for no reason there is just a MASSIVE lag spike where everyone can’t do anything for 5 seconds at random intervals…doesn’t even happen sometimes, CPU usage is completely fine, RAM is plentiful, connection is barely being used…and I’ve found nothing via searching similar to my issues :(

  • We literally had no choice but to close 5 of ours; we use TCAdmin, and TCAdmin really does not like the player count bug, it can’t differentiate between connected players or not so shuts down the server everytime it reaches 25/24. The bug could be fixed next patch though, we’ll see.

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