Advantages of the 3rd Person View

  • I was having a conversation about CMW in another forum and as we kept discussing about the latest vids and info i was realising that the implementation of the 3rd Person View might give some advantages (combat and non combat) to the ones using it.

    A few examples are :

    • Looking over and around obstacles without ruining your cover.
    • Negating strategies such as discovering out an archer trap simply by looking around a corner with your away from body view.
    • Negating the low visibility of a raised shield (while blocking).

    I mean the lower visibility of a raised shield is a gameplay decision that has pros and cons. Why do you implement a feature that negates those cons? Or why do you implement those cons in the first place? Isn’t it better if you make the raised shield less visibility obstructing in first person also?

    I feel that the 3rd person view is a game changer and what i mean is for example when you want to ambush someone or a party you will have to hide and use your hearing in order to make your self aware of the enemy when he is approaching and your reflexes to determine if he is friendly or an enemy when you decide make you surprise attack.
    Or at least you will have to use a hidden scout to do it if you also want to have a knowledge of their actual numbers but now those strategies are not needed since everyone will know who and how many are approaching just by looking around the corner.

    What’s you opinion about it?
    Do you think that we will we be forced to a constant switch between the two views or at least to partially use the 3rd person view in order to stay competitive?
    I know that the 3rd person view looks really good but is it worth it if it alters the gameplay and the general feel of the game so much in contrast to the original title?

  • I see it as a trade-off. I personally prefer a first person view, and I see disadvantages with being in third person as well, primarily that there’s a player model blocking some of your view, and I’d expect it’s harder to judge nuanced distances moreso than in third player. Ultimately I hope that third person view is a server side setting that be turned off in some instances.

  • Yeah not a fan of the 3person view at all and I hope that there will be a server option to turn it off. What 3rd person does by allowing you to even see a small portion behind you eliminates the entire strategy of running a flanking maneuver or attacking from the rear. This is a tactic that I fully enjoy implementing and it forces people to visually check their “6” or pay the price. It also takes away the extra costs of timing involved to sneak around a team to do the deed. Also it helps remove the concept of setting up an ambush or an arching sniping position. All of these are a failure of a 3rd person game of this nature.

    Please make it a server option that can force 3rd person only, much like friendly fire is server option. Let the server hosts and the players have a choice and see how it pans out. Because you will lose much of the game without the element of surprise, 3rd person eliminates this.

  • If it was up to me the 3rd person view would have been permited only for spectating or something or even better it would have been removed entirely as i see this feature moving the gameplay in a less skilled and less tactical path.
    But having it actually as a server togglable option might be a better idea since this way everyone will be happy.
    Though i don’t know what’s the opinion of the ones pulling the strings of this project.

  • I don’t find playing in third person to be advantageous at all. You simply can’t aim your swings or your blocks (blocking in Chivalry is not a bubble of invulnerability as it was in AoC, you do have to aim it) or judge distances as well. Maybe people will pop into third person occasionally to see around a corner or whatnot, but this isn’t an FPS, you aren’t going to walk into a shotgun (crossbows aside) and have no time to react in first person.

  • @SlyGoat:

    I don’t find playing in third person to be advantageous at all. You simply can’t aim your swings or your blocks (blocking in Chivalry is not a bubble of invulnerability as it was in AoC, you do have to aim it)…

    But using a shield lets say when you’re low on health to retreat in first person in contrast to 3rd is quite disadvantageous since the narrow view will have you guessing of the position of the attacker in fear of a tactical flanking move and also in fear of any obstacles behind you making it very important to correctly guess the right time to lower your shield and reorientate yourself but switching it to 3rd instantly changes the difficulty of your attempt to easymode.
    And that’s imo an imprortant alteration in terms of gameplay and decision making.

  • I agree. I don’t like third-person. I hope it gets removed, or at least I hope there will be a server option to not allow third-person.

  • @Secundus:

    I hope that third person view is a server side setting that be turned off in some instances.


  • Developer

    That. :)

  • Developer

    More clearly, yes there will be a server-side option for both perspectives. So a server could be 3rd person only, first person only, or choose to allow either option.

  • Sounds fair to me. Thanks for the info. :)

  • Shit I’ll have to start focusing more on 1st person, have a feeling 3rd will be disabled a lot of places. ;)

    3rd is easier for me to judge distances and aim my swings, particularly in instances when you are trying to hit someone behind you early in the swing.

    It’s downside is its pretty hard to aim a throwing weapon, and usually you don’t have much time for that so its awkward to switch perspectives and throw. Also must say I have missed a bunch of thrusts by defaulting to looking at the crosshairs to aim, though turning them off helps a bit more.

    I will also say that I think it is more difficult to position your block correctly as it is a touch harder to realize your character is facing slightly up or down…though in general I look down in fps games to see more ground, which is a huge problem as most swings tend to come from an overhead and down angle and you leave yourself exposed like that.

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