Editing the Votekick System

  • Tonight I had the displeasure of 2-3 individuals making a well-populated Official LTS server incredibly not fun. These players were incredibly rude and insulting, and spent at least one actual hour perpetually proposing a votekick for an unfortunate player who had done nothing wrong. The vote was denied time and time again and votes put toward booting the aggressors were regularly almost unanimous, but every time they would exit the game before the vote finished and hop right back in. Most of us stayed for the fairly fun matches and I personally stayed because the denied vote after vote gave me some confidence in the morality of the people I was playing with.

    SO! The point: You can’t keep someone out of a server if they want to stay. If, for instance, it was changed so that were the vote to be successful even if the player leaves, that player would not be allowed back in. I don’t know the details on how long people are kept out of servers, but at least a good hour would be nice.

    TL;DR: A successful votekick keeps a player out whether they leave before the end of the vote or not.

  • Suggested a lot of times. Supported just as many times.

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