The game is great but…

  • Hey all,

    Love the game. I’ve had game burnout for a few months and was waiting for something fresh and this was it. The only problem seems to be the server browser - it hardly finds any servers, and given that Steam is telling me there are currently 20k people online, this can’t be right! There also seem to be an abnormal number of passworded servers?

    Is this just a result of a huge influx of people on the free weekend?

  • You might want to check your server browser filters, they can sometimes get messed up. Change the settings and then change them back to default, particularly game speed.

  • Dont filter out full servers, they are rarely full.

  • We have had to password ours just so we can get on; it’s not normally this busy, sorry for the exclusivity. Just love the game and wanted to get on.

  • Yeah, I’ve noticed a ton of people have been passwording their servers, because there’s no way to join your own server with the admin functions at this time, so this is the only way to ensure you can get into your own. Just with this massive influx of people playing, it’s nearly impossible. It’ll die back down after tomorrow and the content patch will be released soon :)

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