This game needs fixing, badly.

  • Hi there.

    I decided to get Chivalry: Medieval Warfare after reading reasonably favorable reviews and hearing people say it was pretty good. So, I bought it. The first evening was alright, I managed to get on a server and have about 30 minutes playtime before I went to bed.

    This was the last time Chivalry worked even remotely well for me.

    I have since found out that servers on Chivalry come in four flavours:

    1. Full and laggy
    2. Empty and laggy
    3. Passworded (seriously, like 90% of them)
      or [deep breath]
    4. Not Working due to:

    a) the “NotEnoughInviteSpace” bug,
    b) due to Chivalry connecting to the server and then immediately throwing me back to the main menu with the server’s level behind it (opening the console and typing “reconnect” yields no result other than throwing me back to the main menu again),
    c) Chivalry just hanging at “Connecting To Server”,
    d) Server ping being advertised as about 35-75, but upon logging onto the server actually being about 400.

    I’ve managed to have about 3 games since I bought this, and each time it’s been plagued by a series of the above problems. Now, call me picky, but my idea of a fun game isn’t installing it, having an hour of problems, having to google that problem, finding a workaround, finding that the problem is just ONE of MANY problems and then spending ANOTHER hour just trying server after server after server after server after server etc etc etc

    Frankly I’m both shocked and disappointed that a game that’s using such a well-known engine, and that has been on the market for almost half a year is in such a shocking state, and that just getting a game going is such hard work. And don’t even get me started on “running your own server” that you need a PhD in computer sciences to get working.

    I’m sorry, but if these bugs aren’t fixed within the next week, or if they still hamper my ability to do the simplest thing (ie. play with my friends on a supposedly low-ping server) then I’m asking for a refund.

    Don’t get me wrong, the ACTUAL GAME itself seems reasonably solid, but so far I’ve hardly been able to play the damn thing. And after so much time wasted staring at the menu screen, server lists, google help pages, forum posts, Steam help groups and disappointingly sparse customer service to any of the above, I really don’t feel inclined to give it another shot.

    So please - someone - do something about this!


  • NotEnoughInviteSpace is solved by exiting the game first and then joining through your Steam Friends List. This will automatically launch the game and connect to the server.

  • Hardly a fix, is it?

    What about the other issues?

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