• Hey, had this game awhile now and I want to know how to update the darned thing. I went over to my buddies house and he was playing with more bots than I have ever seen played with. I think it was 64, but I only get 16 total. He has the game on Steam, I dont. He said he got an update, but I cant find a thing about it. I know Steam auto-updates, but unfortunatly non-Steam games dont. So how do I update this damned thing?
    (And please dont tell me I have to get Steam, I bought the Xbox versions of New Vegas and Skyrim to AVOID having to have anything to do with that mess…)

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    And please dont tell me I have to get Steam

    You have to get Steam and purchase the game.

  • Yeah, talked to my buddy last night, apparantly he gave me some sort of demo. I should have known from the fact that almost half the stuff in the game is locked out. Here I though my friend had bought me a nice game (A mistake based on the GameStop bag he was carrying that turns out to have contained Assassin’s Creed III) for Christmas and instead gave me something I can get for free with 5 minutes of websurfing… Well, his birthday is in 3 weeks and guess what I’m getting him? A disk of abandonware games, because what goes around comes around.

    Well, I must say the tease has worked, I’ve finally accepted that I need Steam, if only for this game. On the bright side I can get Skyrim and New Vegas with mods if I get Steam…
    Damn you guys, you made me WANT Steam!! Well done! (I never thought any game would be worth the hassle, but it turns out there is at least one.)

    Oh, and my roommate caught me playing it last night and wants you to put it on Xbox or PS3 now. And I actually tend to agree. Make a decent single player campaign (for both sides) and I know people would scramble to get thier copies. So, yeah, something to think about there.

    Well, I’m off now to gripe at the fact that I’ve got a great game that’s not complete until payday…

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