A few bugs I hope will be fixed,ty

  • just wanted to bring to attention that the round time is linked to the game speed (which is fine since its not possible to edit the round time yet, so technicaly it lengthens the map) cool.
    But more importantly so is the respawn time, which i think should be normal no mater what the game speed is,if possible.

    and that when jumping in low gravity u get stuck in midair if ur next to any 1 which causes u to basicaly die from attacks that u cant move away from cause u cant move off of them, the bouncing off their heads is awesome but the being stuck next to them not being able to move isnt fun and hopefully will be fixed,

    also ive edited the ammo count on my server and they all show up correctly except the cross bows,is that a bug or is that ammo count fixed, cause no matter what i set it to, its still at 15 ammo count.

    Thanks i really hope these will be fixed

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