Shield mechanics are silly.

  • when they are not in use, theystill block arrows, but not any sort of swing aimed at their level. a friend and I tested this.

    i’m asking either make it always hitbox active, or only hitbox active when up. not one of each.

    this could also help curb the left click swing horde in this game. (if always active)

  • Well, i think its fine as it is. Shields would be too overpowered if they would block everything whitout even you doing anything, and it would be hell if shield on back couldnt save you from arrow… Most people already hate archers lol.

  • It makes no sense and is not realistic at all, but this time sacrificing realism is better than sacrificing gameplay.

  • This game is semi realistic.

    They only take realism away when something severely unbalances he game or something’s isn’t enjoyable.

    The halberd for instance was a very useful weapon in real life. It was a multi function weapon. Good against Calvary and all types of infantry.

    The were designed to counter pikes. Pikes were still a good 6-10 feet longer than a halberd but a halberd was long enough to cut off the pointy bit of a pike at a safe distance. So the pikeman couldn’t just run towards a step and stab. At that distance the halberdist had time to block the pike. Chopping the pointy end off means that the pikeman had to use his shorter one had sword and now the halberdist had the range bonus. It could chop, club and stab and was light and relatively easy to use. That’s why its a bit OP in the game.

    It would be a hellova lot more OP if they made it realistic.

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