Of Morals and Pillage

  • So I’ve been creeping around the boards and I saw a post on how a moral system would work. I think it could work if it was internalized by the player, but made possible by the game mechanics. I don’t know how long in the tooth most of you fair, but if you remember a little game called X-Com… The game was about choices and the story internalized by the player to create attachments, morals, beliefs through the experiences of the game mechanics.

    In multiplayer mode where one side protects a village full of villagers while the opposing side tries to kknd everything on the map, shouldn’t the decision be a conscious decision of which side you play as, what role you take? Will you always play the white knight because it is in your character or do you have a hard on for mayhem? And of course there are ppl who couldnt care less about the decision, but is that not the beauty of it?

    The game mechanics provide the experience, the reason the player plays. So, I hope when joining a game there is the choice on what role I play, a choice to let fate decide (random assignment button), and not a cap on what side to I can be on. Hopefully there will be an option to defect and switch teams and for those a nihilist, a spectator view with the option to join.

    A fair question arose on the matter of an overpowered side in regards to the number of players; it might not be fair, but is that not a moral lesson in its self, a core lesson with real world applications? Is there not truth in that gameplay? Would the latter not also lend itself to an experiment in digital karma? -maybe that’s stretching it for some, but none the less, is there not a thrill in conquering the odds against you, is there not strategy and cooperation in that victory?

  • Team autobalance will be a server side option AFAIK. I’m sure there’ll be servers that let you teamstack all you want ;)

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