My Unlocks are gone!?

  • Hello,

    I am playing for quite sometime now and managed to get all unlocks, but to my shock suddenly today my unlocks were all just back to normal? Everything is set back to 0 yet my Rank is still 23.

    What happend there and please fix this quickly I really hope I don’t have to redo everything.

    Steam: … valWarfare

    Please check my stats on the game to see that I unlocked them.

    Edit. I verfied my cache of the Game and now even my Rank is back to 0!

    How can something like this happen? Everything was fine for weeks suddenly everything is gone!?

    Edit2: Suddenly my Ranks and Unlocks are back for now, I hope it won’t poof away again like this.

  • I have similar problem - two of my weapons locked again, and I haven’t received few achievements I should. Even if it’s temporary effect, I am afraid that it will eventually get worse, and that would be really sad. Bump for fix!

  • same here, i lost 9 levels and many unlocks but didnt get them back…

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