• :o :( :x I have this glitch where the ground is water, see through or completely black I don’t mind when I put it at the lowest graphics which I do play at. ;) Everything is fine above it though(the land above the main ground terrain). My graphics card is a GeForce 6150SE nForce430 version 306.23 and is up to date. :? Can you also help me with my lag? I play Chivalry at the lowest graphics and the smallest possible screen giving me 3-10 FPS at best. :D

    Pictures of the glitch: … creenshots

  • That card is so old.

    Its probably not supported.

    New graphics card would fix this.

  • The fact that it is even running on that card is impressive. The reason why the textures are missing/messed up is because your card doesn’t support the proper shader technologies - the stuff needed to display them are turned off in your settings.

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