Issues Regarding Joining a Server

  • Earlier today I could connect to servers and play normally. Now, at 8:30 CET on the 27th of January, I cannot find one server on the list which would work. 95% of the servers are locked. Those who aren’t have a very high ping, for me. Regardless, I tried joining one of these servers, getting one of the two following errors. Server is already at capacity, when it clearly isn’t. Or it kept on loading into eternity, forcing me to cancel. I have also checked my history, to join a server I have been previously, maybe even this very day, yet all those servers are now locked, when previously they weren’t. I literally cannot find a server which I can join, no matter what. I’d love it if anyone could let me know, that this is my problem. If it’s the game’s problem, I’m hoping it will be fixed soon.

    Thank you for your time.

    I’ve added an image showing the status of the servers, sorted by ping. As you can see, all of them until I scroll down are locked. Past that, I think three aren’t.

  • Bump.

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