Knight vs Vanguard?

  • Hello, this is my first post so please forgive me if there was a better area to post it. I have been playing Chivalry for about 2 days now mostly as a knight. I recently started playing as a vanguard and noticed the vanguards weapons are better than the knights. Also the vanguard seems faster on his feet than the knight. So my question is which is better? I mean, yes, the knight may have like +2 on a weapon damage but the vanguard has like +20 on weapons speed. So I wanted to hear peoples opinions because I enjoy mostly playing as the knight but am starting to play a little as the vanguard and need some more detailed information as to the specifications of each class. This is a great game btw. It has soooooooooo much potential to be better so I bought it hoping it will continue to be worked on.

  • Don’t think too much about it just yet. Much of balance depends on the class’ weapon arsenal, and you’ve yet to see most of the cool stuff. Knights have fast weapons too, and vanguards have some very hard-hitting ones aswell.
    There’s no definitive “better” class anyways. Knights have a wide variety of effective secondary weapons to complement their primaries aswell as access to shields, and being able to take an extra hit or two is always nice. Vanguards are a bit faster, a bit squishier, have the longest-reaching weapons and a situationally useful sprint attack. That’s just me scratching the surface, you’ll want to see everything for yourself as you keep playing.

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