Will the retail DVD key work with Steam?

  • Basically I have an Amazon voucher, so it would make more sense for me to use it to buy this. The only problem is my DVD drive has died, so I’m wondering if I entered the key that comes with the retail game into Steam, would it download it instead?

  • Should be able to, as Chivalry requires Steam.

    Just take the key they give you, go into the top bar on steam:

    Games>Activate a Product on Steam

  • Excellent, thanks. I’ll take the gamble then… really enjoyed the free weekend :)

  • I can guarantee it does.

    I bought the retail version for my bro simply so I had something for him to wrap.

    Didn’t even bother with the disk, put the steam key in that came in the box and it was downloaded in minutes. :)

  • There’s a retail version? What is this, 2002?

  • @Daiyuki:

    There’s a retail version? What is this, 2002?

    Some people have download limits and slower connections. Also you can play Chiv offline too with bots.

    Also most UK ISPs do “traffic management”, where they throttle connections at certain (most) times of the day to account for “heavy use”, and “file sharing” etc. Virgin Media do automatic management at certain times, and also fixed management that triggers when you download over a certain amount (10GB usually) at other times, this reduces your speed by 50% or more.

    Still waiting for my pullout poster of this though:


    Seems to have been missing from my box :(

  • As in my first post, I have an Amazon voucher, and the game is currently £7.99 there so it just makes sense to use it. I probably won’t ever use the disc, which is why I wanted to know if the key could be entered into Steam.

    It’s completely bizarre how digital versions of games costs more than a physical one!

  • I really don’t get that either, really pisses me off.

    But yes your key is either stamped on the disc or on a bit of cardboard inside, can’t remember now. Once it’s registered in Steam you’re sorted, never need the disc again.

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