Slashing idea

  • Hey love the game so far! but this is one thing that bothers me! (lots of games seem to ignore this) It might just be me but when I am playing a melee based game I feel like I am not doing anything when my sword just passes right through the person I am fighting. So my thought is, when you are fighting instead of the sword just passes through the person it would like hit them and kinda bounce off. Kinda how when you hit the shield and it bounces of just make it faster paced instead of a stagger like thing! sorry if that made no sense! :D :D

  • and if this is already in the game I am sorry!

  • I believe this was tried at some point and it was found the game was simply less fun when you couldn’t hit multiple enemies with one strike. It’s one of the mechanics that makes it possible for a good player to win against uneven odds and it’s sorely missed when it’s gone.

  • I do think this is more an annoyance than anything…
    It adds work on something that, as SlyGoat said, nobody will miss…

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