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    Round 1 saw some great moments as multiple teams laid waste to each other until only 4 were left standing.

    In the first match of the night GIA took on KVII in Dark Forest. Despite their best efforts though they couldn’t stop KVII from slaughtering their royalty or from stopping their corpse cart from reaching the cistern.

    The second match saw PuLp and Crack Clan fight for the pyre on hillside. Neither offense was able to push through the Mason line for long enough for the pyre to burn completely and it ended in a best of 5 LTS witl PuLp taking the win.

    Next we had Interitus vs Legion on Battlegrounds. Both teams breezed past the first objective but, while Interitus was able to push the petard to the castle gate, Legion was held before then resulting in an Interitus victory.

    Last but not least was Vanquish vs. Knights of Chivalry. After Vq slew the Agathian King, KoC just narrowly slew the peasants in time and almost breached the castle walls but were just short sending Vq into the Semi-Finals.

    The Semi-Finals will take place Sunday at 1/27/2013 starting with a matchup on Battlegrounds between KVII and PuLp at 7 EST. After that at 9 EST will be a long awaited matchup between Interitus and Vanquish. In between the matches we’re going to be streaming live some mashups between multiple clans in a larger format that YOU the viewer might be invited to if you’re in twitch.tv chat.


    DarkAgeGaming is hosting the Semi-finals of the Team Objective Tournament today, January 27, 2013. The last match-up for today is happening at 9pm EST tonight between Vanquish (Vq) and Interitus (Int).

    The first match-up in the semi-finals was between Knights of the 7th Circle (Kvii) and people utterly laying pwnage (PuLp) on the map, Battlegrounds. Kvii came out on top to make it into the finals. After the match-up between Vq and Int, we will know who will battle it out in the finals against Kvii later this week!

    Check out today’s semi-finals at 9pm EST here: http://www.twitch.tv/phalanxpvp

    See you there and good luck to both teams!

  • Thanks everyone who joined us for the Vq vs Int semi-final match. It was pretty intense! 5v5 TO is no easy task.

    So coming tomorrow Monday, Jan 18, 2013 at 8:30pm EST, will be the finals, with the match-up between Kvii and Vq. This will be one exciting match!

    See you then!

  • @Kimiko:

    Thanks everyone who joined us for the Vq vs Int semi-final match. It was pretty intense! 5v5 TO is no easy task.

    Only intense because the Duke was lost in a fit of drunken debauchery on the other side of Delaware and unable to reach a computer.

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