Does Chivalry use same port no. all the time?

  • Not really a server question but I may as well ask here.

    I know a little about networking but not a lot about how online games operate so I ask: Does Chivalry tend to use the same port numbers for each session or is it random? Perhaps its within a certain range? I want to prioritise Chivalry traffic on my router to try reduce the lag I’ve been experiencing lately (its not a game issue, I know its my network that is poor). I could be way off here but its worth a shot

  • Are you using QoS? Just make the IP of the server on your network highest priority or exempt from traffic shaping.

  • Yeah I could do that, I wont be running other applications while I’m playing that use an internet connection so it would have the same effect either way. I’m not running a server, I only wanted to do this for when I’m playing Chivalry. Thanks

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