Man At Arms Buggy controll

  • When i play man at arms, i try to use that class’ dodge ability to outmaneuver my opponents. This doesn’t always work though… When i try to dodge (especially to the left, double tab button A), nothing happens. This is btw when i have enough stamina. Sometimes even when i have full stamina even. Can you guys check this out?

  • Exact same problem I am having. Gotta press it a few more times just to get a dodge out of the bugger. This is getting ridiculous… all this patching seems to have done nothing for the game.

  • If you have a really old/cheap keyboard like I do, you might have to turn up the double tap sensitivity in the input menu.

  • Toggle on One Button Dodge, set it to something useful and nearby and then go to
    My Documents -> My games -> Chivalry Medieval Warfare -> UDKGame -> Config -> UDKInput and change DoubleClickTime to 0.0001

    No more double tap shenanigans, just hold the direction you want to dodge and press whatever dodge button you assigned it to, like a mouse thumb button or E or something.

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