Issues Compilation correction/addition

  • Issues Compilation correction:

    -Joining a map as a knight sometimes results in the option to choose a shield to be missing. Reselecting the knight after spawning usually fixes it.

    Should be changed to be more broad, as the bug happens with any class and isn’t limited to shields, but everything in the Special category, including arrow types. Definitely not tied to the knight, but IS fixed by simply getting in-game, then re-opening the Class menu to reselect your stuff.

    I’ve also had this happen with the primary weapons, only the very first weapon is selectable, same method to get it to work, get in game, press M. Don’t know the cause of it.

  • Spear:
    Found out while the long ranged thrust and the sweep both hit the short/medium ranged poke when holding the spear facing downwards fails to hit almost every time. You can literally almost stand inside someone and it doesn’t register the hit properly.
    Class Selection:
    Sometimes fails to switch the arrow type when playing as archer and using a bow. Will always use the bodkin arrow even when selecting to spawn with a broadhead.

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