Lets see if you guys can fix it this time

  • Well I am completely saddened because I have heard NOTHING but good things about the game. Except I cannot play it. At first it started off with everytime I would join a server my game would not load and nothing would happen. I have since uninstalled it and changed nothing on my computer, and decided to re-install it today to log and ask for help, because id like to play it, seeing how it was 25$.

    1. Servers do not show up at all, I have tried every known fix and every potential fix on your forums.

    2. If I create a bot game, the second I leave it the UDK.exe will stop working and crash the game.

    3. When I quit the game from anywhere, the UDK.exe will not fully quit, and will continue to run on my computer (found this when my steam said I played 128 hours of chivalry in 1 week).

    4. The issue the first time around with the game was I would click to join a server and nothing would happen, no loading, and eventually it would blue screen my computer with an error message of IRQL less than or equal, or something along those lines.

    I have done EVERY known and unknown fix I could think of, and I’d like to play the game eventually, seeing how I hear it is pretty fun.

    Thank you
    (My previous forum post was “CANNOT LOAD INTO GAMES”)

  • Even joining a friend off your list from outside the game doesn’t work?

  • Correct

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