Cheater Report

  • today I saw a player who play vanguard with halberd,
    He suddenly increase speed att me 2 times in 1 sec,
    just like feint att, but it"s real att 2 times, then i death.

    after death, I be a specter on him,
    saw him speed up run for a while and att 4 times in 2 sec at the dead body.
    some another player recognize him speed up too.
    but I haven"t got the screen on him,
    just get his name, “yusuniku” , see the picture.


  • So no steam ID, no actual evidence of any said cheating?

    Yup, this is just hearsay and it doesn’t do any good for anything. Next time, get some proof of the cheating and his identity - or call a mod in from their steam group.

  • Yep, please look at the Steam Group (link in my sig) and PM one of us mods if we’re on. Have some evidence ready and Steam ID, or there’s not much we can do.

    Locking this as we can’t support people publicly slinging accusations against eachother, please do it by PM for now to one of us mods. Hoping to get a private forum section set up for this at some point, please bear with us while we check the required software addons are compatible.

    Also this has to be on one of the OFFICIAL servers, we don’t have power over anywhere else.

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