Horrible Server-Browser

  • Dear Devs, dear Community,

    me and my brother wanted to try this game out during free-phase. The tutorial was quite promising, so we wanted to go online and play together. We spent some really frustrating 30 minutes trying to join the same server together. Some of the reasons why we didn’t succeed:

    • A few servers seem to be stuck - the game round has ended but the server fails to start a new round
    • Obviously there is not one big server list which is the same for everybody - it varies all the time. In fact my brother and me next to never managed to find one and the same server on both of our computers so we could play together
    • Which leads to the next problem: “Join Game” feature in Steam simply didn’t work, which made it impossible for one of us to just join a server and the other person uses “Join Game” to follow.

    I really wanted to like the game, but the server browser really left us somehow speachless. Even back in the days Counter-Strike 1.0 did a better job by miles when it comes to this.



  • Yeah, the server browser have a couple of problems. There’s even a bug where it says a server is full when it actually isn’t, the in game friends server list is barely working and without a queue system, it can be a pain to join a friends server when you actually find one.

    You can join through steam tho, but it’s a little weird. You can join the game through the friends list if you let steam start the game instead of manually start the game.

    So, yeah. The server browser is a little wonky, but I at least hope that you and your brother was able to play the game in the end. This game really is a blast to play when you’re with a friend on voice comm.

  • I expected that the game would be great fun, especially in multiplayer. But after 30 minutes we gave up so we didn’t have the opportunity to play together :(

  • Ive rounded up a group of 3 friends, with me 4 in total and we have spent 1 hour trying to find a server so we can play togheter on it. This is unacceptable !

    The Server selection is so bad , if you check the “hide passworded servers” , the next time you go into server filters its still unchecked.

    Please fix your server browsing because alot of us want to play with friends and for some of us, some servers show but for others do not. FFS

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