Suggestions, Bugs and Thoughts

  • Couldn’t find a more generic title :)

    So like most people in the forum, i’ve put 300+ hours into the game and as a heavy gamer I must say this game is fabulous and took out The Walking Dead as my GOTY 2012.

    As i’ve experimented with all the classes and weapons, I’m not going to talk at all about which is overpowerful or what not. I actually think the game is surprisingly well balanced, each class takes a while to master and is very enjoyable.

    I’ve just compiled a list of small suggestions that I think would make the game a bit more perfect (I wont go into the known fighting exploits):

    1 - starting positions are sometimes awkward. Sometimes you start behind boxes, aiming towards the objective but have to go around the boxes to start playing. Sometimes you’re in a house but you can’t see what stucking you (small furniture or what not).
    2 - not enough notice when running out of stamina. I sometimes finish 2 or 3 fights and go for a 4th one without noticing my stamina bar is out. Only when I swing do I realize it will be a hard fight :). Perhaps another sound can be played when the player is out of stamina and is running for example.
    3 - some maps have terrain glitches. Nothing too serious. Some steps have to be taken a certain way, some ground will stuck you for no reason. I could compile a list of map locations if needed.
    4 - after being hit one can hit back but for some reason he can’t kick for like 4-5 seconds? This may be on purpose i don’t know. Just not too logical in my mind.
    5 - some messages are not translated or are incorrectly translated. speaking for the french here, I often run into NotEnoughInviteSpaceMessages and other thrown exception names. The cart advancement is backwards, meaning “the cart still has to go another 90%” when it is actually 90% done.
    6 - i’m sure you’ve heard of the ‘being stuck in the wall’ bugs :)
    7 - ability to skip the logos in the game intro by pressing ESC so we can get in the game a bit faster.
    8 - when I respawn I’m usually thrown back with a random weapon. Not that I don’t want to use the full range of weapons that I have, but I would prefer to keep the same weapon as the one I had prior to my death. This is especially annoying in a crowded FFA.
    9 - check if SHIFT is pressed when respawned and start running right away. Sometimes when running at the same pace as other players we will see animation glitches and one will stop running randomly. Anyways there are just times when I wish my player would just run if my SHIFT key is pressed (only stop running if hit)
    10 - at the end of a game, displaying scores while one is typing is pretty annoying. It also sometimes produces a bug which hides objectives / tab / etc in the next game. pressing ESC fixes the issue.
    11 - steam friends whose names appear in green have their names disappear and reappear randomly during the game.
    12 - no ability to kick with a range weapon (knife / throwing axe)? While i can see why for an archer, it’s a bit weird for a range weapon.
    12.5 - keep the ability to fly around freely in the map during the final score display. I’m locked out on the Y-axis and can’t look up/down right/left like when I die. I usually like to visit maps as a spirit :)


    13 - too many people propose vote kicks without any reason. Perhaps make it a mandatory textfield when wanting to kick someone so everyone is aware of why.
    14 - no way to see the rank progression. Perhaps a progress bar or an XP stat would help.
    15 - server list would need some improvement, although I realize it was not (and should not be) a priority in making the game. Latest patch fixed the # players issue (thank you!!) and hopefully we can one day expect a waiting list that would allow us to join the server we want without refreshing the list a bunch of times.
    16 - more score penalty for TK, helping people realize there is more than one swing move :)
    17 - give the ability to change maps or modes to players. Too many times the servers will empty out when switching to FFA or LTS.
    18 - the ship destruction by the 3 balistas in the last step of the TO is perhaps a bit too easy. I usually see 95% of the teams win the game if they get to part 4. It could be nice to make it a bit more challenging for agatha. Also the scores for destroying a ship is way too much IMO but it may have been done in purpose I don’t know.
    19 - I usually choose a random team when entering a map. In case of an equal # of players on both team sides, it would be nice to use the average rank to determine where I should go (instead of putting me in the attack).
    20 - I’m not too much for gore, but the game lacks a bit of blood on the ground. Also the ability to leave corpses on the ground would add to realism for those whose computers can handle it.
    21 - some long-range weapons such as hallberds should only do maximum damage if hit from the right distance radius. When too close, the wooden part shouldn’t do as much damage.
    22 - hopefully we’ll see the ability to create mods and maps one day!

    Again thanks for the amazing game you’ve created with such a small team. I’ll be sure to back you up again for your upcoming titles.


    • Nico

  • 20 is being implemented in the upcoming patch this month.
    21 has been discussed to death in the thread “killed by a handle!”
    22 - the devs have said they’re eventually going to release modtools.

  • A very nice list of issues I have and not have. But that can depend on which game type one plays.

    16. Maybe they can even list the amount of TKs aside from score/kill/death. Also serves a purpose when checking if someone is tk-ing.
    17. Isn’t this in beta?
    18. The score is probably a typo, a zero too much (you get like 300, while 30 would be consistent with other maps).
    19. pretty neat idea. However due to autobalance this would have not much use unless the autobalance uses the same system.

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