Blue screen Windows 8

  • It happens at random times, but 99% of the time its when i browse for new servers.
    The blue screen says “kernel security check failure”.

    CPU: i5-3210M
    VGA: GeForce GTX 660m 2 GB
    RAM: DDRIII 6GB (1x 2GB, 1x 4GB)
    HDD: 750GB 7200 RPM
    OS: Windows 8 64 bit

  • Developer … 97c7e693b9

    That thread suggests this frequently happens in the case of some sort of hardware failure (bad RAM, unstable CPU overclock); it may also happen in the case of an unstable driver.

    Try running the memory diagnostic as described here: … windows-8/

    Also, if you’re overclocking your CPU, reduce the overclock or restore it to stock speeds and see if there’s a stability improvement.

    In the case that it’s a driver issue, the only thing I can recommend is checking and updating all of your various system drivers, especially the video driver.

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