• This game combines most of my dreams bout virtual melee combat, but there are still few things may help you…
    1st is only 2handed axes and halberts (even maces, flails etc) have pure vertical strike, no atleast a little bit skilled 2handed(especially bastard) sword fighter will strike vertical. its useless because its slow and will slide off the helmet of your opponent + its easy to avoid and block and then counter-attack.
    There are some so called “muline” to give you imagination about directions of strikes with 2h swords
    (neve used 2 handed swords in skyrim cause their animation)
    2nd is that onehanded axes are not made to block , i’d like to see the one who will block 2h axe,maul or sword with it
    there should be huge penalty about it so people or avoid or use shield,same bout daggers,2h vs 1h swords etc.

  • wat?

  • @Sir:



  • Srint make AOC very bad because any players running and when i blocking one of them they running back, turning to me, running to me and attack me and i cant attack him because hi running

  • Weapons are meant to be balanced rather than realistic. If the two handed axe or maul were unblockable the game would have very few weapon options. Also, while striking vertically with all weapons may not be completely feasible in the real world (I think that’s what you were saying?) it adds more depth to the gameplay. Some weapons will have different variety of attacks that won’t include an overhead strike of course, like the spears, but generally speaking keeping the strike options simple and standard gives the game enough depth to be hard to master without being needlessly complex so that you have to learn the attack patterns of every single weapon to know how to defend against them. AoC had this problem to a serious degree - most players were totally incapable of knowing the timing on hard to read attacks like the flail’s 360 swing or the heavy knight’s stab, and even incapable of knowing the timing on hitting with them - which made most pub servers devolve into slash spamming with the simple weapons (notably the longsword - dozens and dozens of longsword slashspams coming at you from both teams).

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