Stuck weapon suggestion

  • While playing recently, I tried to do an overhead attack on someone in a tight space, and my halberd hit a rafter (and therefore missed). That got me thinking (a dangerous thing, I know): what if the weapon got buried in the wood and was stuck?

    I don’t know if this is feasible to code, but it would certainly add to the drama, and would make the potential penalty for missing steeper. You could take this a couple of ways. 1. automatically let go (and lose) the weapon, and switch to the secondary weapon (or fists). 2. press LMB (or whatever) repeatedly to attempt to dislodge the weapon (rendering you vulnerable to attacks), or press RMB to let go of the weapon and switch.

    This would apply to strong wooden objects (rafters, maybe arrow slits and tables), which means they would have to have different properties from stone objects. Ambitious, I know.

  • Arrows and javelins get stuck in walls (although they disappear…) so why not.

    At least it would be awesome if they can implement it, makes you think twice about swinging an 8ft halberd in a small shed.

  • No, thank you. It’d essentially be a deathnote for anyone with large weapons fighting in enclosed spaces.

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