FFA - Brave, friendly Warriors.

  • Today i have encountered a strange “thing” on FFA servers. People using voice command to make people calm and not fight each other, making them “teams”. I don’t like people teaming on FFA, but this was actually pretty fun - just like RolePlaying. The funniest part is that it happend on 3 different FFA servers. (UK-FAA, Germany-FFA and 1 more that i don’t remember).

    And i thought FFA was just brainless slaughter but it actually depends on people that are playing (Some of them will only fight 1v1 and won’t even interupt your fights - This community is just great.

    Here’s a screenshot of Archers Getting covered by Man at arms trying to shoot “bad” people that are not (let’s say) “co-operating”:

    http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/111 … F1C7BA6C2/

    I just wanted to share my strange experience with you guys. Go ahead and share your Chivalry stories. - sorry for my english. ;)

  • Occasionally I’ll come across a brawler, so I’ll lay aside my arms and challenge him to a manly competition of fisticuffs. Often, if someone comes swinging their weapon like a coward, we both will turn and proceed to beat the living shit out of them. Then we run around, circling opponents and beating them into a pulp.

    But of course, in-fighting will always come about when you accidentally send an uppercut into your allies jaw.

  • Pretty cool!

    I would like to say I don’t think attacking two people who are fighting in a 1v1 in FFA mode is necessarily a “bad” thing.

    FFA is a unique mode because you have to watch your back more than in any other mode. It’s totally possible to get into the groove and thrive in that environment though.
    And what fun it is to dominate many people in a row without them standing back and letting you 1 v 1!

  • I don’t say it’s a bad thing :D
    FFA is the best personal training :)

  • Currently, since there is no game type for it yet, duel servers are conducted this way. Basically you taunt/battlecry a person to challenge them to 1v1 duel. If they taunt back you fight, if not then you find someone else. Works surprisingly well and most people cooperate once they understand the etiquette. And if they don’t follow dueling rules the rest of the server usually cooperates and kicks/gangbangs them.

  • Haha, I was surprised to read the OP. It’s awesome that people do that :D

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