Stoneshill Ram Disapearance

  • Agatha has some filthy magic up their sleeve. I was playing on a small (12p) server that ran TO_Stoneshill and we were ploughing Agatha as the Masons, after slaughtering the peasants the time was there, the battering ram. We pushed it onwards to the gate and as soon as it got into place to ram.


    Dissapeared, objective complete horn sounded, gave us the message, King spawned. But the gate was still closed.



    We did win the match however after I managed to catapult the King to death after he taunted us from the walls.

  • Those crafty agathians.

    Luckily their king is not very bright.

  • I’ve had this happen before (very rarely).

    There also is an admin command that will make this happen to… hopefully the admin on that server wasn’t messing with you :)

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