I can't enter any server

  • Hello

    So, today (1/28/13) I buyed Chivalry: Medieval Warfare becouse I played in the free promotion and I liked it. It was everything fine, but suddenly ,after I buyed, every time i try to enter a server, a window saying: “Please wait while the game loads”, but it takes forever, and after a long time, it appears another window saying that i lost connection to the host. The problem won’t leave!

    Please, help me


  • I have exactly the same problem! I can’t enter in the servers!!! pls help :(

  • I have the same problem… Can anyone fix it ? I tried everything and nothing helps :(

  • I tryed unistall the game and install again and appeared the message that steam still checking the purchase I checked my credit card and still not charged probably this is the our problem.

  • I’m having the same issue, I want to play but, surprise surprise, servers issues again. I bough the game a month ago so this isn’t a new account or game issue, at least for me.

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